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"I'll do it when it's less busy".

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Newsflash: Life is busy!

"I'll get round to it when I'm less busy".

Does that ever happen?

Instead of thinking ALL or NOTHING, go for a bit of 'something is better than nothing'.

If you can make 10 mins to do some squats, a plank, some press ups, imagine how much stronger you'll feel in a month of just 10 mins a day.

Are you one of those people waiting for stuff to get less busy? Cos you'll be waiting a while.

Turn it around NOW or you'll be saying the same thing a year, 5 years, 10 years today.

What could you do TODAY in 5-10 mins to put you on a better trajectory?

Say you have 10 mins free before you have to start work or you're early for an appointment and have some free mins, what could you do in that time that ADDS VALUE to your life instead of scrolling through social media?

Here's a few ideas of things to do when you have a few spare mins:

- Single leg squats (not normally when out in public!)

- Read an email, delete or save to priority list to action later

- Message a friend or family to check how they are

- Drink some water or make a cup of tea if just before a meeting/call

- Book that appointment you keep putting off

- Hoover a room

- Wash up

- Start dinner

Could any of them be helpful to you? What would you add to your list of quick things you could fit in your day instead of wasting precious free minutes?

It might take getting used to if you're in the habit of reaching for your phone to scroll through, but when you do, just think, what COULD I be doing right now that will add value to my life?

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